How to Pay Your Garbage Bill

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is West Valley Collection & Recycling?

ANSWER:  West Valley Collection & Recycling (WVC&R) is a joint venture between two well established solid waste and recycling companies in the Bay Area, Green Team of San Jose and Green Waste.  We were selected by the West Valley Solid Waste Management Authority (Authority) to be your new service provider.  The West Valley Solid Waste Management Authority was formed several years ago primarily to provide for comprehensive and cost effective solid waste services to the residents and businesses of Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell and Monte Sereno.

  1. Why West Valley Collection & Recycling?

ANSWER:  The contract with Green Valley Disposal for solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection expires February 28, 2007.  The Authority, in its effort to increase recycling activities (diversion) and keep costs low, issued a Request for Proposals in September 2005.  Five companies submitted proposals and, after extensive evaluation and several public meetings, WVC& R was selected. 

  1. What are the new services?

ANSWER:  At the request of many residents, we now offer single-stream recycling in a cart that is easy to maneuver and take to the curb.

We provide a permanent drop off site for Universal Waste and E-Waste for residential customers. You may bring the items to WVC&R’s processing facility by appointment.

We are picking up your garbage and green waste in one split-body vehicle.  This will mean less traffic in your neighborhoods, less noise and less wear and tear on your streets.

  1. Why are all services at the curb and not on the premises?

ANSWER:  One of the ways of keeping costs down was to automate the collection process for garbage, recycling and green waste.  In order for the trucks to pick up the materials without driver assistance, the carts must be placed at the curb.  Automation saves time and minimizes driver injuries due to heavy lifting.

  1. Why are we switching from recycling tubs to carts?

ANSWER:   Automated collection of recyclables requires the materials to be placed into a cart.  In our efforts to increase participation in the recycling programs and to meet residents’ requests, we have gone to single-stream recycling.  All materials will be placed in one cart.  WVC&R will sort the materials at their Material Recovery Facility.

  1. What are the new green waste services?

ANSWER:  Each resident may use up to three 95 gallon carts at no additional charge and the carts will be serviced weekly.    The automated collection process requires the green waste material to be placed into a cart.  We will not be able to pick up extra bags or bundles set on the ground.  Based on past levels of green waste collected, it was determined the three carts should be adequate for the majority of the residents.

  1. How do the new services affect my rates?

ANSWER:  Rates were changed to compensate for additional services.

  1. Is there on premise service?

ANSWER:  Yes, on premise service is available for disabled residents.  To qualify you must provide a current certificate from your doctor.

  1. Will my collection day or collection time change?

ANSWER:  Your collection time will likely change.  You need to have your carts at the curb from 6 AM to 6 PM on your collection day.  We are doing our best to minimize collection day changes, but some people may experience a day change.  You will receive a card in the mail before March 1st confirming your collection day.

  1. What do I do with my old cart, cans and/or tubs?

ANSWER: If you had a garbage cart from Green Valley Disposal, please leave the cart at the curb and Green Valley Disposal will pick up the cart during the first two weeks of March.

There are several alternatives for your old garbage cans:

  • You may use them for storage;
  • You may save them and use them to hold items for your annual clean-up; or,
  • You may place them at the curb and WVC&R will collect them during the month of April.  You will receive a sticker to place on the can to designate it is to be taken and recycled.

There are several alternatives for your old recycling bins:

  • You may use them for storage;
  • Donate them to local schools or other organizations for storage; or;
  • You may place them at the curb and WVC&R will collect them during the month of April.  You will receive a sticker to place on the bins to designate they are to be taken and recycled.

Remember reusing an item is a far better use than recycling! 

  1. How can I pay my bill?

ANSWER: You may pay by writing a check payable to West Valley Collection & Recycling.   Use the pre-addressed envelope included with your bill.  Please include the payment stub as this expedites the payment process.

You may pay your bill at our office located at:

1333 Old Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95112

Our office hours are:      

Monday – Friday
8 AM to 5 PM

We will be offering on-line bill pay as an option in the near future.  Please continue to check our website for its availability.

  1. Can I still use home banking through my bank?

ANSWER:  Yes, you can still use home banking.  You will need to change the payee and address to:

West Valley Collection & Recycling
Dept. 1433
Los Angeles, CA. 90084 -1433

You will also need to change the account number to your new account number.

  1. What if I had automatic payments set up with Green Valley Disposal?  Will the information be forwarded to West Valley Recycling & Collection?

ANSWER:   If you currently have automatic payments with Waste Management you will want to cancel that service with them.  There will not be a roll over into our billing system.

  1. Can I stop service when I go on vacation?

ANSWER:  Yes, you must stop service for over one month.  There is a $10 charge to stop and a $10 charge to start service.

  1. Will there be an annual clean-up?

ANSWER:  Yes, you will be notified by mail two weeks prior to your annual clean-up date.  You will be able to put approved items curbside.  Call customer service or check the website for detailed information on what items will be accepted.


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